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Making A Good Environment For Cats

Cats are really sensitive animals. Cats can get sick from stress due to small changes in environment such as furniture placement, strange noise, moving, and so on. Cats are animals so sensitive to changes in the environment that there is a joke saying that ‘cats are animals that can tolerate the change of the owner but not the change of the house’.

Environment loving cats! What kind of environment is good for these little creatures? I’ll take a look at how to make a good environment for a cat.

Like The High Place

Cats really like high places. I cannot stop the cats which want to get up to dangerously high places. It is therefore advisable to make a space for the cat to climb high.

Because we usually move in two dimension, we can know if a house is small or big depending on the area. However, cats like to move vertically, so they think a house is small or big depending on whether there is a place to go up or down regardless of the house area. In a word, the house can be small but if you install something that cats can climb like a cat tower, the house will be felt big for them!

What if I bought a cat tower but my cat doesn’t use it? Please make sure that the location is correct. If the cat tower is in a corner or in cat’s non-active space, move it to a place which is cat’s active living space or cat can see outside through a window.

Need A Place To Hide

Do you know cats like boxes? One of the reasons is to avoid stress factors. If a person is stressed or is in a bad mood, is there a psychology that wants to be in the room alone? The same goes for cats. When they are stressed or sensitive, cats go to a place to hide. It is therefore needed to provide proper space for the cat to hide.

Give Me Space To Sleep Well

Do you know that cats spend most of their lives sleeping? A cat needs a safe and comfortable resting space. The resting area can be a warm sunny place, or it can also be around your living space if a cat loves to be with you.

Like A Quiet And Clean Bathroom

Cats are sensitive animals and often have problem of defecation dysuria. So to a cat, a toilet is one of the most important things. The location of the bathroom should be quiet and comfortable. That’s why it’s not a good place with a lot of human traffic.

Also, clean cats may hold bowel movements if the sand in the litter is dirty or smells a lot. You should check your cat’s litter every day and remove the feces, and, you should change the whole sand at least every other week.

Do Not Leave Me Alone

There are a lot of people who think that a cat is alright if it is alone. But when a cat is spending a lot of time alone, it is not only lethargic but also can feel lonely and even get depressed. If possible, do not leave the cat alone for a long time. It is not a direct abuse but can be a ‘quiet abuse’ for a cat.

If you decide to live with a cat, try to provide a good environment for cats. It does not mean to decorate a house for cats. Make a cozy place so that you and the cat can comfortably coexist together.