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Cats Love The Box

Cats love mouse toys, cuddly tasty snacks, and your touch but there is a thing cats really like more than any of them. It is a box!  If you are not living with cats, you may not understand cats love a box. If you are, however, you would have personally watched how much cats love a box.

When you take out your items out of the online delivery box, cats do not hesitate to jump into it! So we always have some boxes just in case. Some say they are purposely picking up boxes from Wal-Mart or grocery stores. So why do cats like this box? Let’s dig deeper into cats’ love of box!

Wild Instinct

In the wild, cats have been living in a narrow space like a box to avoid predators. Also, after hunting for food, they brought it to the sanctuary and had a delicious meal! If you throw a toy at a cat, it will hunt hard and get into the box with it. All these behaviors are instinctive.

It is strange that a lion or a tiger, a well-known predators, also enjoyed being in the box like a cat when it is offered. The box seems to be loved by all cat animals.


When you wrap with a comforter in winter and fits comfortably in the bed, you feel like your body is melting in the bed. Likewise, cats feel the same as being inside the box. The favorite temperature for cats is 86-96 F. At this temperature range, the cat feels comfortable, which is the same temperature when a cat crouches in a box! In short, a box for a cat is like a comforter on your bed.

Stress Avoidance

Veterinarians at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands investigated stress levels for new cats entering the shelter. In this experiment, the cats are divided into two groups, one was provided with a box to hide their body and the other was not, and the stress levels were examined.

As a result, the difference in the stress levels between the cats was significantly different. The group of cats that got the box quickly adapted to the new surroundings, was much less stressed early on, and showed more interest in communicating with people!

Based on these experiments, Veterinarians explain that “cats hiding their bodies is a behavioral strategy to cope with environmental change and factors of stress.” Many also say it is more accurate to say that a cat needs a box rather than likes a box.

Amusement Park

For cats who really love the box, it is not enough just to fit your body into the box. They scratch in the box and also bite the box to make it tattered. The box for a cat is not only a hunting game place but also an amusement park where you can play and bite. The box is a really good space and toys for cats. However, the after-mess is your job! Still, it’s so lovely to watch they go inside the box and play with it, so everything seems to be forgiven!